Soon to be - Out of office


In October I will be ducking out of the office (not that I have one) and heading around the world (literally). From Asia to Europe, Africa to the North America I will be travelling around, working on my photography skills and opening my creative mind along the way. 


The Journey

For the first part of my journey, I will be entering into the crazy and wonderful world of Hong Kong. With its dramatic city scapes and busy markets, I am excited to start off with a fast paced and ever changing environment. Next on the list is Munich, Germany, here we are hoping to visit Neuschwanstein, or you may know it better as the Sleeping Beauty Castle of Disneyland. With only a short stop in Germany, my next destination will be Portugal. Known for its beautiful coastlines, stunning architecture and good wine, I am sure this destination is going to an unforgettable experience. 

Now for the main destination! I will be joining Polkadot Passport on her photography tour around Morroco! This will be an amazing opportunity for me to expand on my photography skills while exploring this dazzling destination. So make sure to keen an eye on my Instagram for some amazing Moroccan snaps! 

The next part of my journey will be in Spain, from Valencia to Seville I will be hitting the road, and exploring what the south of Spain has to offer. Then it is off to relax on the beaches of Miami for a few days before exploring the capital city of Cuba, that's right, I will be visiting HAVANA! The off to the birth place of Jazz, New Orleans! All before heading back home to New Zealand! 


Creativity & Travel

I believe it important for any creatives to travel and explore different cultures. A new place equals a different view,  a new opportunity to learn different skills along the way. 

“Ideas may lie dormant if they are not coaxed out by new experiences, new sights and bright lights. Travel will spark the initiative to start projects or provide solutions to develop existing ideas you may already have.”

— Vaga Beyond


58 SLEEPS (And 580 things to do before hand) 

So it would be an understatement to say that I am so extremely excited about this trip. But at the same time, the pre travel planning is giving me a little bit of stress. 

Last time I went on a big overseas adventure I wasn’t working for myself, I literally planned the trip and off I went! But this time it feels a little bit different, I now have my businesses to worry about while I am gone.

I am planning on working while I am away, overseeing my Social Project work and communicating with my clients, but still feel as though I have a long list of things that need to be completed before I go. 

So if anyone out there has any tips or tricks when it comes to travelling and running a business, please let me know! 

Sarah-Jane Stringer