The Branding Process


I love creating new brands. I don't know if it is the excitement of a blank canvas, the fun in finding inspiration or the thrill of exploring new elements of design, but one thing is for sure, it is my design process that always keeps me on track. 

Have you ever found yourself starting a new project and having a mini heart attack while you freak out because you don't know where to start? Well, I have, and it was because of this that I created my branding design process. It may be long but it is something that I have to stick too, otherwise, I find myself stressing out, and worrying that I am never going to come up with an idea! 


It all starts with a little bit of research! Before I even begin thinking about design ideas, I need to understand who is my target market? What is this particular industry all about? And who are the main competitors? 

The Mood!
My branding process always starts with a moodboard, this is as much for me as it is for the client. For me, this helps to jump start my creative brain, for the client, this lets them know where the brand aesthetic is going, and together this is a great way for us to find out if we are on the same page. 

Now with a better understanding of my client's industry and with an aesthetic chosen, it is time to start creating. This is an important step, as well as the most time consuming (and the most fun). I can now start sketching out ideas onto paper. My aim here is to come up with as many quality designs as possible. 

This is when I create a little booklet for my client, this takes them through my top logo concepts. The logos are displayed alone as well as in mock-up form. This is so that the client can see what the different logos could look like in real life application or part of a cohesive brand. 

Click here to view what my logo development booklet looks like

Mood board for client Coastal Collections. 

Mood board for client Coastal Collections. 


Now this part of the process can take some time depending on what the client is after. Here I will often mix up the designs, maybe joining two ideas together or updating the colours and typography, to make sure the final logo is perfect. 

So here I will be developing the essence, tone and of my clients brand. This includes colour ways, typography, photography style, patterns and layouts. All of these will make up a brand identity and will keep the brand looking consistent and professional. I will then supply these to the client in a brand guidelines booklet, this is just a handy booklet that they can keep. It is great for them to be able to have a visual guide of their brand's overall look and feel.  

If my client has decided to go for the full branding guidelines packages, they will now receive three items of their choice, for example, business cards, letter heads, email signature, social media set up, or anything else their business will need. 

Click here to view the final Coastal Collections designs 


Coastal Collections brand guidelines booklet

Coastal Collections brand guidelines booklet

Sarah-Jane Stringer